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Origins in Italy II

In another zone of Piemonte in this case in Torino, it has existed a county another attractive presence of our last name, in this case in the community of Azeglio 40 km. distant of the city of Torino and 35 km. of Cerrina Monferrato in the county of Alessandria. The comune of Azeglio (260 m.s.m.) he has around 1200 inhabitants.

The center of the inhabited area is located in the final extremity of that of the hill morenica Perosio, to the left of the glacier of the Mount Rosa - Mount Bianco.

Proceeding on the Milano - Torino in direction Canavese, to a certain point it is entered in the amphitheater morenico. The stately Greenhouse, from the rectilinear profile that races parallel to the sky, it coasts along a dessert punctuated lowland of inhabited centers.

Continuing in our trip, to few minutes from the zone of the lakes of Candia and Viverone, we meet Azeglio, that rests on the green and calm immobility of an enchanting collina.

Litle town from the red roofs, Azeglio it entertains a rich cultural and artistic patrimony, constituted by churches, chapels and ancient abodes between which the Castle, today of private ownership and belonging once to the marquis Massimo Taparelli, that however he always wanted to have called Of Azeglio borrowing the name from his.

The territory of Azeglio includes part of the lake of Viverone (also called lake of Azeglio), coastal region that tourism has not been exploited and consequently it is conserved intact.

For their position the town assumes a pyramidal conformation whose peak is dominated by the castle and the tower of the steeple; lowering toward the base the parochial church unites with those you marry older surrounding to the main square.

To the foot of the hill the called region would Roast in the past they were the ovens for the baker’s oven.


The origins of Azeglio

The first authentic document in Azeglio is of the 999 a.C., it is a writing in the one that the emperor Ottone III gives concessions to the bishop of Vercelli, Leo is laws of a feud, Azeglio is also among the mentioned territories.

With the conquest of Ivrea for the Romans is probable that Azeglio has also been busy. It is supposed that Azeglio was a mail station in the Roman road Ivrea-Vercelli. I walk that had the name in the Medieval period of via Francigena "Romea".

In the half age, toward the year Thousand, the frequent pilgrimages began toward the most famous places in cult of the Christendom (the Earth Saint, Rome, Santiago of Compostela); the numerous groups of pilgrims crossed, between traps and dangers, on foot or to the horse, the big arteries that connected the most distant parts in Europe that united the the North Sea to Rome. During the half age, for their position, Azeglio had often participated in the war among the gentlemen to the service of the Bishop of Ivrea and those with the Bishop of Vercelli.

The Savoia conquers Azeglio

May 18 th 1361 the Savoya defeated the Count of Masino, to which Azeglio snatched. They however could not really assume the power in the new territories until the year 1435. In the interval Azeglio and the neighboring towns had been occupied by a captain of fortune, Facino Cane that gave it through the payment of a rescue.

Of here in then the town followed the circumstances of the whole Piemonte suffering as other towns, serious damages with the French descent in 1551 and in 1704.

The fires applied to the troops transalpins bring the destruction of most of the communal documents. In the comune of Azeglio he is San Antonio Abbots's Sanctuary of Mount Perosio even at the moment it Knocks down I gave Monte Perosio .

San Antonio Abbots's Sanctuary of Mount Perosio

Already mentioned in documents of the 1231 this church, (with an annexed temple to the hospice) that becomes S. Andrea's and of Vercelli canons' property in the year 1319 and it is together to the hospital of that city, passing to belong to the parish of Azeglio. She becomes hermitage then and in the year 1679, headquarters of San Antonio's Venerable Company Knocks down, composed by 100 siblings.

It was located in the via Frencigena Romea and it was hospice for the pilgrims that went to Rome. He had a great importance for the whole Middle Ages and mentioned in many documents of the time. Lost their function hospicio, happens to the reduction of the traffic in the road, she becomes Abbey during many centuries. Today is a sanctuary in the pleasant and calm hill Perosio,establecida on the lake of Viverone.

Merit of A. Nicolotti that in the year 1953 the operation of restoration of the sanctuary began was, consenting of conserving the very old cool airs of the adjacent wall and the beautiful facade with piazza supported by four columns. It is current and recent the altar (1956) and two wide annexed local to the church now national monument.

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