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This page was elaborated thanks to the collaboration of many people, family members and the disinterested collaboration of many other, not family but with the passion of the genealogy that we share.

In memory of Elsa Blanca Perosio, inspiring in the childhood of the dream of the family genealogical tree.


My father Norberto Luis Perosio that I become trained to be proud of our last name…

Ethel Celsa Perosio who helped and she stimulated to take the first steps...

Carlos Alberto Perosio who made us know Angelo Perosio's other family, connecting us with Alberto Domingo Perosio patriarch of that family branch.

Rosa Nelly Perosio Gonzalez and María Delia Perosio Mendoza who from Montevideo and Jorge Francisco Salvarezza of Buenos Aires supported us in the search of the Perosio in Uruguay.

María Luisa Ayala Bosio in Asunción, Paraguay and to Sulima Lauría from Paysandú, Uruguay contributing valuable data and weeks dedicated to the task.

To Mrs. Myriam Barla Ibargoyen residing in Salto, Uruguay, for their contribution to the knowledge of the family Perossio Artola.

Elisa Freddi Perosio from Busalla, Italy to acquire before the church San Giorgio of Sarissola.

Centro de Estudios Genealógicos e Históricos de Rosario for the publication in their bulletin Nº 2 of the “History of the Perosio in the Rio de La Plata” and to the genealogist friend Roberto Colimodio Galloso by its presentation and continuous contribute.

To the lady Estela Errico one of its members, friend and collaborator from Rosario with multiple managements in Courts of the city.

To the Italian genealogist Mauro Risani from Cairo Montenotte Italy with your contribution of the genealogical tree of Galileo Galilei.

To the historian and writer of Bogliasco Pier Luigi Gardella. He contributed valuable data of the step of the Perosio by the story in the city of Bogliasco.

To the “Family History Center” from Avellaneda (Buenos Aires, Argentina) of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, possessor of the bigger humanity's database. For the cordiality and attention of Hedy Bandursky, Gloria Zamora, Vilma Sarmiento, Carolina Requena and Antonio Lugones partners of long search days.

To all those that still with a small contribution of data, anecdotes family, old pictures, still received us in their home without knowing us fully.

Thanks to all them and to those that day by day incorporate to this passion...

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