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Ettore Perosio

Ettore Perosio
Ettore Perosio.
(Courtesy of Archivio Storico del Teatro Regio di Parma - Casa della Musica)

Schedule of Festival Colombine
Schedule of Festival Colombine.

Regio theater of Parma
Regio theater of Parma.

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Carlo Felice Theater.

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Teatro Solís of Montevideo.

PEROSIO, Ettore . Italian director of orchestra and composer. Ettore was son of musical critic Giuseppe Perosio.

Ettore was born in Genoa in May 10, 1869, he studied in Paganini High Musical School with Giovanni Rossi and he had a notable career of orchestra's director.

We find traces of Ettore in varied Italian theaters between 1889 and 1915: in Genoa, Carlo Felice Theater; in Milan, Lyric Theater; Parma, Regio Theater; Lisbon and Theater Politeama of  Buenos Aires and the Theater Solis of Montevideo.

He acted in Buenos Aires and Montevideo between May to August of 1905 next to the famous soprano Eugenia Burzio.

He was director of Chicago and Philadelphia Opera Company also directed by Cleofonte Campanini.

Ettore Perosio died in Genoa in February 14, 1919.


Eugenia Burzio
Soprano Eugenia Burzio.

Ettore Perosio composed:

  • Adriana Lecouvreur, opera in four actions (Genoa, Theater Paganini, 1889), resumption in the varied theaters.
  • Per l'amore, idyll in an action (Genoa, Politeama Genovese, 1893).
  • Furio, work in three actions, letter by Luigi Orsini (not represented).
  • Apoteosi di Colombo, song for inauguration of Colombian exposure (Genoa, Carlo Felice Theater, 1892) .
  • Mass for big orchestra.
  • Trio for violin, cello and piano.
Ettore also composed sacred music, pieces for song and piano, pieces for several instruments and piano .

He had shows succeeded in the Regio Theater in Parma in carnival of 1898:

Lohengrin, letter and music by Richard Wagner.

  • Shows in January: 8, 9, 13, 14, 19, 20, 22, 23, 25; and in February 12, 13, 15, 16 in the year 1898.
  • Interpreters: Rodolfo Tronti (Enrico L'Uccellatore); Giuseppe Cremonini (Lohengrin); Salomea Krusceniska (Elsa di Bramante); N.N. (Il Duca Goffredo); Pietro Giacomello (Telramondo); Elvira Cerasoli (Ortruda); Enrico Stinchi Palermini (Araldo del Re).
  • Master director: Ettore Perosio.
  • Director: Eugenio Grossi.
  • Chorus Director: Eraclio Gerbella.
  • Scenes: Giuseppe Giacopelli.

There in same season he directed:

La Boheme (premiere for Parma) by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. Music by Giacomo Puccini.

  • Shows in: January 29 and 30, February 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 17, 20, 21, 26 and 27 in the year 1898.
  • Interpreters: Ivo Zaccari and Pietro Ferrari (29 and 30.1, 1 and 2.2) (Rodolfo); Pietro Fiesoli (Schaunard); Pietro Giacomello (Marcello); Alfredo Papi (Colline); Guglielmo Bilwiller ("Benoit" and "Alcindoro"); Salomea Krusceniska (Mimì); Lina Cassandro (Musetta); Eugenio Grossi (Parpignol); N.N. (Un Sergente dei Doganieri).
  • Master Director: Ettore Perosio.
  • Director: Eugenio Grossi.
  • Chorus Director: Eraclio Gerbella.
  • Scenes: Giuseppe Giacopelli.

Un Ballo in Maschera di Antonio Somma. Musica di Giuseppe Verdi.

  • Shows in: February 19 and 24 , in March 5, 6, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 16 in the year 1898.
  • Interpreters: Luigi Colazza, Francesco Nieddu (19.2) and Nazzareno Breccia (24.2) (Riccardo); Pietro Giacomello (19 and 24.2), Alessandro Modesti (5,6 and 10.3) and Alessandro Arcangeli (Renato); Antonietta Orcesi (19 and 24.2) and Linda Micucci (Amelia); Elisa Mattiuzzi and Elvira Cerasoli (19 and 24.2) (Ulrica); Lina Cassandro (Oscar); Eugenio Grossi (Silvano); Carlo De Probizzi and Rodolfo Tronti 19 e 24.2) (Samuel); Augusto Campagnoli and Alfredo Papi (19 and 24.2) (Tom); N.N. (Un Giudice); N.N. (Un Servo).
  • Master Director: Eraclio Gerbella ed Ettore Perosio (19 e 24.2).
  • Director: Eugenio Grossi.
  • Chorus Director: Eraclio Gerbella.
  • Scenes: Amato Ferri.

Ettore had great public success and criticism when he again directed in the 1902´s spring:

Caballería Rusticana by Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti. Music by Pietro Mascagni.

  • Shows in May 3 and 4, 1902.
  • Interpreters: Clementina Paveri Fontana (Santuzza); Vincenzo Bieletto (Turiddu); Guglielmo Caruson (Alfio); Sofia Parisotto (Lola); Clelia Cappelli (Lucia).
  • Master Director: Ettore Perosio.
  • Chorus Director: Eraclio Gerbella.
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