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Bartolomeo “Francesco” Perosio

BARTOLOMEO FRANCESCO PEROSIO (1874-1962) - Knight of the work of the Industry – Nomination : December 21, 1952- n 1257.

Bartolomeo Francesco Perosio

Bartolomeo Francesco Perosio.

Son of Stefano Celestino Perosio and Giuseppina Nicora.

Ronco  Scrivia seen dall' high

Ronco Scrivia seen dall' high.
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Their ancestors was of Ronco  Scrivia, Francesco Perosio and Luigia Bondanza.

Very young was transferred to Genoa (since Ronco  Scrivia where there was born) to work as a mechanic and designer electrician.

It was dedicated later to the demolition of ships and al commerce of ferrous materials.

Of such activity becomes aware of the absence of special alloys in the industry siderurgica Italian.

It was dedicated then, first in Italy, to occupy that space in competence with the German and French industry.

In the year 1925 founded the Salem SpA, factory of alloys and metals for the production of the special ferro-alloys, for which organized an establishment well brought up to date in Rapallo and then a second in Spigno Monferrato.

Factory in Spigno Monferrato

Factory in Spigno Monferrato.

Factory in Spigno Monferrato

Factory in Spigno Monferrato.

It based its productive system of transformation on the most modern technologies, completed implementing the production to cycle integrated and contributed all the dictated advancements by the evolution of the technique.

It gave work to 200 employers  and proceeded with modern techniques, to the transformation of prized metals and to the furniture of large and special alloys industrial complexes.

Order to the Merit of the work

You arrange to the Merit of the Work it Represents the continuance of the same monarchical distinction founded in 1901 from the king of Italy Vittorio Emanuele III, that wanted to confer greater dignity to a previous reward to the agricultural and industrial merit.

Vittorio Emanuele III of Savoia

Vittorio Emanuele III of Savoia

Palace of Quirinale

Palace of Quirinale

It reorganized in 1952 and in 1986 is very restrictive, destined the resident Italian citizens in the country and abroad, you considered singularly distinguished in the agriculture, industry, commerce, in the craftsmanship and in the credit and insurance activity.

The President of the Republic is Head of the order, led by an appropriate one I Advise presided over from the Minister of the industry, of the Commerce and of the craftsmanship.

The same Minister, if necessary of concert with the connects some Agricultural Resources, chooses, every year, 40 candidates to propose the President of the Republic.

Between these they come chosen twenty-five entrepreneurs, to which is confer, 1° June, the title of Knight of the Work.

Ronco Scrivia vista desde lo alto

The decoration consists in a Greek cross varnished of green and bordered of gold, loaded of a round badge bringing, over a side, the emblem of the Republic and, on the other one, the wording “To the work merit -1901”. The cross comes hung up to a tape of green, edged, to the center, from a band of red.


Copy of the book published in the year 2001 from time to time of the centennial of the Order “Al merit of the Work”.

Contribution of “Archivio Storico dei Cavalieri del Lavoro”

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