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Graciela Perosio

Poetry books:

  • Of the luminous error. Buenos Aires, 1982.
  • Breaches of the wall. Buenos. Aires. Libros de tierra firme, 1987.
  • The magician's twig. Buenos. Aires, Libros de tierra firme, 1990.
  • The life waits. Bs. Aires, Editions of the Dock, 1995.
  • The secret entrance, Buenos Aires Latin American Publishing group, 1999.
  • Return to the source. Bs As. Del Copista (Córdoba) 2005.
  • Sin andarivel (Swim lane), Córdoba, Editions Del copista, 2009.
  • Balandro (Wherry), Bs.As, Paradiso Editions, 2014.

Investigation publications:

  • “I forget and reminiscences in The lost steps” in History and myth in the work of I Move away Carpentier, Bs. Aires, García Cambeiro, 1972.
  • “Ricardo Rojas. First professor of Argentinean literature” in Chapter, History of the Argentinean literature, Buenos Aires CEAL, 1980 (in collaboration with Nannina Rivarola).
  • “Foreword” to Eurindia of Ricardo Rojas, Buenosa Aires, CEAL, 1980.
  • “It criticizes it literary” in Chapter. History of the Argentinean literature. Buenos Aires, CEAL, 1980.
  • “The literary critic's profesionalización”, Anthology and foreword, Buenos Aires, CEAL, 1980.

Rehearsals and articles without publishing:

  • Juan Rulfo and the culture of the poverty.
  • It will mature with pause and accuracy. I study on María Elena Walsh poetry.
  • Alfonsina Storni's free ends. Reformulación of the desire.
  • Nora Lange's poetry. “A rosary of white bills.”
  • Juan Gelman. The construction of the impossible nest.
  • “House extreme”. Carlos Latorre's poetry (in press, Magazine to Speak of Poetry).
  • Aroldo Lewy and “The Diosa Ananké” (read in the presentation of the book I object Campo Cubico compositivo, Editorial Corín Luna, Ricardo Rojas Museo , 2000).

Intrude in other areas of the creativity:

  • In the year 1994 she carried out a sample of painting titled Missing Causes in the Foundation Of the Slip.
    The same one received the critic's applause in different television means and graphics.

Projection of their work:

  • In the year 1995 Luis Bacigalup carried out a rehearsal on his first four books of poems: Knots of a reading, read in to presentation of The life she waits, in the Museum Libero Badi, Foundation Bank of Argentinean Credit.
  • In the year 1998 the plastic artists Enrique Banfi and Silvana Perl integrated poems from their responsibility to the “urban installation” poetry Source that today has been as monument of the city, in front of the National Library.
  • In the year 1999 professor Aroldo Lewy dedicated a sculptural sample to his work, working his book especially La vida espera. The same one was carried out in the Museo Luis Perlotti.
  • In the year 1998 it was invited by the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to lecture on Alfonsina Storni's work in the Homage that this legislature offered to the writer with reason of the institution of the prize that takes its name.
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