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Juan Perosio

Juan PerosioThere for the year 1873 Don Juan Perosio Parodi (1837-1918) born in Sarissola Busalla; settled down with a hydraulic mill in San Francisco, to which baptized with the name of “Mill of San Roque”.

He worked very well in their first years, and their products, of first class, not alone they were requested in Paysandú but rather they were recognized in other departments to which he sent their products.

In the industrial exhibition of Paysandú 1880, Juan Perosio Parodi obtained a medal of gold and another of silver for the products of his mill San Roque, of San Francisco.

Encouraged Giovanni for the result obtained by their hydraulic mill, and wanting to multiply their activities and to give new impulse to their establishment, it installed in him big machineries to vapor; but little time later, and while the mill worked with the best in the results, a fire reduced to ashy the facilities in moments in that the big galpones was replete of wheat and of bags of flour.

Ruined financially; but willing to continue fighting, with the small one for sure he had of their primitive establishment, it founded the mill and factory of noodles of San Roque , in the one on the way to the Palms, at little distance of the city, also known by the mill of the Cruz; but Juan, with their small capital, he could not make in front of the competition that they made him other establishments of the same nature that existed already in Paysandú, and it was forced to abandon their old profession in which had lent big services to the population and in particular to the industry floury of Paysandú.

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