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Vladimiro Giulio Perosio

Giulio Perosio, armatori navali italia

Son of Basilio and Egyzia Castagnola, was born in Genoa on 20 November 1885 (Nikolay Pavlovich Perosio grandson of Russian national outstanding performance in the economy during the Tsarist rule).

Giulio usually called, he had a closed character, severe and was known for the rigor and professional honesty.

Law degree from the University of Genoa.

The following year he began working as a legal consultant in newspapers of Genoa.

In the summer of 1908 he traveled to Argentina with the ship "Prince of Udine" and wrote a beautiful guide to travel, performed with the famous painter Aurelio Craffonara.

 Giulio Perosio y Aurelio Craffonara
 Giulio Perosio- Aurelio Craffonara
Principe de Udine

It's a small book of 64 pages,illustrated with drawings and some color plates(very rare at that time) by the painter Aurelio Craffonara, his friend, who later became famous in Italy.

guerra en los alpes 1915
guerra en los alpes 1915

With the entry of Italy into the conflict of World War I May 24, 1915 acted as a “reserve officer” in the Italian campaign.

The Italian campaign refers to a series of battles fought between the armies of Austria-Hungary and Italy, along with their allies, in northern Italy between 1915 and 1918.

Italy hoped that by joining the countries of the Triple Entente against the Central Powers it would gain Cisalpine Tyrol (today's provinces of Trentino and South Tyrol), the Austrian Littoral, and northern Dalmatia.

Although Italy had hoped to begin the war with a surprise offensive intended to move quickly and capture several Austrian cities, the war soon bogged down into trench warfare similar to the Western Front fought in France.

Wounded in the leg returns to Genoa and he married with Rosalie Fileti on 27 September 1917, has three children: Rosalia, Giulia and Michele.

Brilliant lawyer, he was technical advisor on the meeting of the International Labour Office of the "League of Nations" in Geneva in 1929 as General Secretary of the Federation of the Tyrrhenian Sea naval Shipowners, working in Italy for meetings international agreement on the legal consequences of collisions at sea, which was presented to the Organization of Transit of the League of Nations International Bureau of the Merchant Marine.

 liga de las naciones
liga de las naciones

He was also Secretary and later until his death President of the "Casse Marittime" an insurance for the maritime industry Royal Decree 264 of 1933, that had the specific task of ensuring the protection of social security, accidents and illnesses to employees of the maritime sector ,and part of air navigation, also referring to fisheries.

He died in Genoa on 14 May 1957.

armatori navali italia
armatori navali italia


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