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The Perosio from United States of America

Gaetano Perosio (1843-1888) born in Genova, son of Giovanni Battista Perosio and Maria Testa. Gaetano was married with Teodolinda Merego, they had eight children, Anna María, Carlo Lorenzo, Giovanni Ferdinando, Federico, Linda Adele, Emanuele Filippo, Luigia María and Giobatta Emilio.

Genoa, Italy, at beginning of XX centuty.

Genoa, Italy, in 1880.

Gaetano died on May 5, 1888 in Genoa.

Their smaller son Giobatta Emilio is orphan of father to the 3 years; advised by a friend resided in United States he decided to emigrate, to the age of 23 years old.

Passengers' departure in that time.

The islands Ellis and Liberty ,entering to New York from the Atlantic ocean.

Giobatta Emilio entry for the first time to the port of New York in April 18, 1909 in the ship “Duca di Genova”, coming from the port of Genova, where it had weighed anchor the day 5.

He attempts fortune in New York but difficulties make it return to Italy, he marries with Celestina María Perosio and they had four children there, Carlo dies of influenza at an early age, Anna, Beatrice and Carlo called this way in memory of the first one.

Duca di Genova.

To the arrival in Italy the difficulties they were bigger... After the crime of Sarajevo the First World War takes place. Perhaps as soldier or resident of a nation in war he played him to suffer to the and their family the calamities of a war. For the first time in the history, a war assumed world contours, with the intervention of powers until that distant moment of the European questions as United States and Japan.

For the first time, they were used in the life well-known armaments (armed cars, airplanes, submergible) whose dramatic effectiveness forced to dozens of soldiers' thousands to fight under unimaginable conditions, buried by the mud of the trenches and orders of massacre in an inconsiderate way, only to win dozens of meters.

After the initial victories of the forces of the Central Empires, thanks to the intervention of the Italians and American the situation was reverted, producing the collapse of Germany and the Austro-Hungarian empire.

They were however 4 years of atrocious sufferings that they had like balance of 10 millions of dead a whole generation of people and that they concluded, for the main one defeated (Germany), with a completely humiliating peace that after Versailles, they generated in them deep feelings of vengeance, converging then, in 1939, in the second great world misfortune.

The lack of opportunity and the desire of a worthy future for his family impels him again to cross the Atlantic ocean.

Giobatta Emilio Perosio entry for second time to the United States in the port of New in January 18 1922, in the ship “President Wilson” coming from the port of Naples where it had left January 6 1922, they accompanied him its wife Celestina pregnant and yours children Anna 8 years old, Beatrice 4 years old and Carlo three years old. Your home according in the passengers' listing was 79 Bridge Street in Brooklyn New York, your first stay.

Old New York City.

Travel in Steerage class.

The family's home was during long years was 1721 50th Street in Brooklyn.

Presidente Wilson.

The marriage, had 3 children born in United States: Alfred, was born June 22 1922, Raymond was born July 19 1924 and Dorothy.

Giobatta Emilio was devoted to the gastronomy and it was proprietor of a restaurant located in the area of the port of Brookly during long years.

Giobatta Emilio Perosio and Celestina Marie died around 1960 in Brooklyn, New York . The cemetary in which they are buried is called “Calvary” in Brooklyn New York..

Anna Perosio married with Raymond Barbieri, without descendant, both deceaseds,lived first in Brooklyn and then in New Jersey.

Beatrice Perosio, espoused with Morris Horowitz.

Brooklyn, New York, United State of America.

Carlo (Charles) Perosio, American nationalized, he acted in the Second World War, where survived. To their return he espoused with María Castaldi of Italian origin, with her they had two children. He was devoted to the farm like proprietor in a farm milkmaid. Carlo's farm was in Unadilla, New York State. It died in February 1984 in Elmira, New York.

Carlo (Charles) Perosio.

Alfred Perosio, was good at creating beautiful environments and craft oriented art. He stayed single until his death. He lived with his sister Dorothy during many years in New York city. He died September 9 1997 in New York.

Dorothy Perosio, married with Joe Kender, divorced, two childrens.

Raymond Perosio had three daughters and one son. He resided with their wife Gloria in Long Island where he was devoted to the service of maintenance of buildings with their son. He died in February 1985 in Massapequa Park, Long Island, New York.

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