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The Perosio from Argentina

Angelo Perosio Parodi, was born on Sunday 8 of July of 1839 in Sarissola Busalla; he married there on Thursday 10 of June of 1858 with Caterina Poggi, (1836-1921), daughter of Tommaso in the San Giorgio gave Sarissola suburb of Busalla.

Church San Giorgio of Sarissola

Church San Giorgio of Sarissola.
Courtesy of

Of the union of both she is born in Crocefieschi Genoa, Anna Rosa Perosio (1860-1932).

Little time before to the arrival to Argentina of Angelo Perosio, their wife Caterina Poggi and the small Anna, the Argentine Confederation was presided over by Justo José Urquiza up to 1860 and Santiago Derqui happened him.

Argentina lived in those years fights civilians among the secessionists in favor of a centralist state (unitary) of the county of Buenos Aires and the Argentine Confederation, the federal of the rest of the counties of the country.

Defeated Buenos Aires for Justo José Urquiza in Cepeda (23 October 1859), Bartolomé Mitre should accept the entrance of Buenos Aires in the Confederation (11 November 1859).

Returned another time the hostility, Mitre defeated the federal forces in the battle of Pavón (17 September 1861) giving as consequence the consolidation of the centralist unit under the hegemony of Buenos Aires. Reconciling with Urquiza gave the power to the liberal party.

As consequence of the victory in Pavón, Santiago Derqui gave up the presidency of the Nation November 5, 1861; vice-president Pedernera assumed the position and he declared acephalous the National Executive Power; dissolved the federal powers, the governor from Buenos Aires was in fact erected in being able to national and Mitre projected its influence mainly the country, being elected president October 5, 1862.

In that moment Angelo next to their wife and daughter decides to prove luck in Argentina and you resides in Rosario you foresaw step for Paysandú.

Rosario city located in the county of Santa Fe, in the east of the Argentina, is one of the most important cities in the Argentine Republic.

It is recumbent on the riverbank west of one of the longest rivers in the country, the river Paraná.

Born in the XVIII century as a small rural village of the Payment of the Streams and consecrated Illustrious and Faithful Villa, in 1823, she acquired the city range for the provincial law of August 3 from 1852 to order of Urquiza to the governor Domingo Crespo.

It was newly starting from then that it began a stage of vertiginous development to the point of ending up being in very few decades the second city of the Argentine Republic and one of the strongest cities in South America.

In those years in that the political center of the country went since by the coast Buenos Aires it continued separated from the rest constituted as an independent State, the city acquired every time bigger importance thanks to its strategic fluvial port, transformed into the main of the Argentine Confederation like the first exporter of cereals of the earth.

To reconstruct Angelo Perosio's life son of Luigi Perosio and Anna Parodi is alone possible through official data, for them we know he was devoted to their arrival to the Argentina like "peon" in Rosario's suburbs.

Old Rosario, Cathedral

Old Rosario, Cathedral.
(Courtesy of Biblioteca Histórica Cientifica. Olivos, Argentina.

Antigua Rosario vista desde el río Paraná

Old Rosario, view from river Paraná.
(Courtesy of Biblioteca Histórica Cientifica. Olivos, Argentina.

Rosario´s port in 1868

Rosario´s port in 1868.
(Courtesy of Biblioteca Histórica Cientifica. Olivos, Argentina.

Rosario in 1868

Rosario in 1868.
(Courtesy of Biblioteca Histórica Cientifica. Olivos, Argentina.

Rosario´s port in 1868

Rosario´s port in 1868.

According to the carried out investigations, the marriage Angelo Perosio and Catterina Poggi they had 11 (eleven) children , as their wife declare it in the Second National Census of May of 1895, 10 under José E. Uriburu presidency.(General file of the Nation).

  1. Anna Perosio, their first daughter is born in Crocefieschi (1860-1932), married with Antonio Casaretto born in Recco Genova in the church Nuestra Señora del Rosario, in Rosario Santa Fe , Argentina , March 30 , 1882. They had 7 (seven) children:

    1. Luis Cazzaretto (X) c.c Isabel Desideria Benitez.
    2. Antonio Cazzaretto c.c Sofía Riet.
    3. Domingo Angel Cazzaretto c.c Elda Johnson.
    4. Lorenzo Antonio Cazzaretto c.c Matilde Perez.
    5. Catalina Cazzaretto c.c Juan Tesoratti.
    6. Teresa Cazzaretto. Soltera.
    7. Ana Cazzaretto c.c C.Desiatti.
    (X) Originally Casaretto or Casareto.
  2. June 10 1863 are born in Rosario, their first male son Juan José Perosio (1863-1916), baptized in the church Nuestra Señora del Rosario (then cathedral) for that then the only church from 1736.

  3. October of 1865, 27 Félix Perosio is born (1865-1910), married in 1898 Dominga Bagnasco (1881-1925) sister of Brígida, baptized in in the church Nuestra Señora del Rosario. They had 2 (two) children:

    1. Luis Perosio (1899-1953) married with Dolores Ortega, two children.
    2. Magdalena Perosio (1900-1971) married with Enrique Ortega, 4 (four) children.
  4. November 11, 1867 are born, also in Rosario and baptized in the church "Nuestra Señora del Rosario", Luis Perosio (1867-1897). he espouses in the same church with Brígida Bagnasco (1869-1949) it mates bigger than Dominga, September 5 1886. They had 5 ( five) children:

    1. Juana Magdalena Perosio (1887-1914).
    2. Catalina Antonia Perosio (1892-1953), married with Pedro Butarro.
    3. Antonio Luis Inocencio Perosio (1893-1980), married with María Andretta.
    4. Luis Domingo Ángel Perosio (1897-1980), married with Isabel Borgna.
    5. Domingo Luis Perosio (1897-1930), married with María Elena Cossia.
  5. September 14, 1869 Domingo Ángel Perosio is born (1869-1893), baptized in the church "Nuestra Señora del Rosario". Married with Ambrosia Gazzo (1871-1933), they had 3 (three) children:

    1. Ángel Perosio (1890-1935).
    2. Ángela Paula Perosio (1892-1896).
    3. Domingo Juan José Perosio (1893-1970).

    All them without descendant.

    Rosario city at early XX century.

    Rosario city at early XX century.

    September of 1869, 17 under Domingo Faustino Sarmiento presidency, the First National Census is made, there they figure registered all the members of the family for that then that coincide with the records of baptisms (I File General of The Nation). The city had 23169 inhabitants, of which 2129 were Italian.

  6. December 17 1870 is born Ana Rosa Marina Perosio, baptized in the church Nuestra Señora del Rosario; married with Alejo Leonardi, natural of Monte Crestese, county of Novara, of profession tanner June 4, 1892 in the same church. They had 5 (five) children:

    1. María Rosa Leonardi.
    2. Catalina Liberada Leonardi.
    3. Esteban Juan Leonardi.
    4. Antonio Leonardi.
    5. Alejo Leonardi c.c Angela Aliberti.
  7. August of 1872, 16 are born in Rosario Miguel Perosio, baptized in the church "Nuestra Señora del Rosario" .It died August 25 1872 with single 9 days of life (X).

    (X). File of Cemetery " El Salvador ", date contributed by Roberto Colimodio.

  8. September 27, 1873 , also baptized in in the church Nuestra Señora del Rosario, she is born in Rosario, Juana Perosio who dies of children in September 24, 1881.

    Their godfathers were Giovanni Perosio (ancestor of the Uruguayan family) and their sister Pasquala Perosio Angelo siblings Perosio Parodi residents in Paysandú.

  9. July 21, 1875, Ángel Guillermo Perosio is born in Rosario (1875-1925), married with Teresa Balaguet (1880-1917). They had 5 (five) children:

    1. Miguel Domingo Perosio (1896-X), married with Angélica Olivera, 3 (three) children.
    2. Ángel Luis Perosio (1907-1948), married with Teresa Berros, a daughter.
    3. Teresa Perosio (1902-1922), married with José Jurado, 2 (two) children.
    4. Catalina Perosio (1911-1992), married with Roberto Merida, 3 (three) children.
    5. Josefa Luisa Perosio (1913-1913).
  10. January 3, 1878, Catalina Teresa Perosio is born (1878-1936), the spoiled girl of Angelo and Catterina , baptized in in the church "Nuestra Señora del Rosario" , who espouses with Juan Parodi (1863-1940) in 1894 in the church "Santa Rosa de Lima" in Rosario. They have 5 (five) children:

    1. Sebastián Parodi.c.c Sofía Lorenzetti.
    2. Rosa Parodi.c.c Roque Faillace.
    3. Luisa Parodi.c.c Omet.
    4. Luis Carlos Parodi.
    5. Teresa Parodi c.c Gustavo Chodorge.
  11. October 27, 1882 Juan José Perosio is born in Rosario (1882-X) baptized in the church "Nuestra Señora del Rosario". Without more data.

    Venturesome and ambitious man settled down in Rosario's south area (I Take a Provincial Census of 1887) and next to his wife Caterina Poggi and all their children were devoted to the trade, as "pateros".

Fruit of their work and that of the whole family, acquired a craft with which traded taking and bringing merchandises from Rosario for the whole Argentinean coast until Asunción from the Paraguay.

Old Asunción, Paraguay

Old Asunción, Paraguay

He met another called woman Rosa Ghirardi, their friend's Juan Rossi widow and it formed another family.

A time lived with her in Rosario and another in Asunción from the Paraguay, where it surprised him the death September 18, 1909. The children of Angelo Perosio Parodi with Rosa Ghirardi were: :

  1. Angel Marcelo Perosio (1880-1925) February 19, 1880, baptized in the church "Nuestra.Señora del Rosario" like "Angel Luis" was born.

    STheir childhood and adolescence lived in Rosario's area south; with 15 years it was census taker in Second National Census of 1895.

    He married in 1898 with Josefa Galli in the church "Santa Rosa de Lima" of Rosario, they had 2 (two) daughters:

    1. Rosa Julia Perosio (1898-X).
    2. Angela Josefa Perosio (1900-1957).

    Later he lived in San Lorenzo, county of Santa Fe where it was collaborating of Lisandro de La Torre (celebrated Argentinean politician) in the League of the South.

    With their second wife Catalina Anselmo (1880-1952) they had 5 children:

    1. Lidia Perosio c.c Domingo Borzatta. 5 (five) children.
    2. Angel Luis Perosio c.c Josefina Righoni. 3 (three) children.
    3. Mario Alberto Perosio c.c María Cristina Brizuela. 3 (three) children.
    4. Isolina Clotilde Perosio c.c Umberto Manarini. 3 (three) children.
    5. Héctor Perosio. Single.

    Angel Perosio Ghirardi also raised as son characteristic to Serafín Rossi.

    Angel Perosio Ghirardi died in an assault in his home of the city of Rufino in Santa Fe in the dawn of the December 15, 1925.

  2. Pedro Nicolás Perosio (1885-1890).

  3. Guillermo Perosio. . Married with Elvira Gonzalez, they didn't have children.

  4. Alberto Perosio (1889-1926), married with Francisca Alvarenga (1895-1928),6 children:

    1. Julio Alberto Perosio. Single.
    2. Angel Virgilio Perosio c.c Rosa Quiñones.
    3. Petrona Guillermina Perosio c.c Ricardo Atilio Moro.
    4. Cira Rosa Perosio c.c Avelino Dellamea.
    5. Alberto Domingo Perosio c.c Gregoria Elena.
    6. Máximo Renato Perosio c.c Elsa Felder.

Angelo Perosio Parodi also raised the children of Rosa Ghirardi's marriage with his friend Giovanni Rossi.

Angelo Perosio Parodi remains rest in the cemetery of La Recoleta of Asunción from the Paraguay.


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  • Censos nacionales de Argentina 1869 y 1895 y provincial de 1887.

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