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Beatríz Perosio

Beatríz Leonor Perosio occupied the position of President of the Association of Psychologists from Buenos Aires (APBA) from 1977 and of the Federation of Psychologists of the República Argentina (FePRA), to the moment of being kidnapped the 8-08-78 of the nursery school that she had been founded with another partner, to educate children that thought and they had critical conscience. She had been born 18-08-47, she had 31 and was single.

She was raised in the heart of the Federal Capital city. She was a townwoman of pure stump of Palermo that until it played soccer with their neighborhood friends, of school religious but unbroken spirit, of singing their truths without respecting authoritarianism.

Recognized by their union task and work political.

Missing during the dictatorship military in the Argentina.

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